PlayChess Blitz-Everything is in the air, yet you can capture nothing!

May 18, 2016, 9:04 AM |

It has become a habit for me to play blitz at whenever I need a break from work. Given the itch I have for tactics, my natural tendency is to go for gambit openings, open the center and start attacking the king's side. (Note: I haven't been practicing serious Chess., so my strength hasn't improved almost from a decade. I just enjoy blitz, thats it). I win open positions, especially in the middlegame where I have sufficient pieces to attack. I lose a bunch when my tactics lack sufficient depth. In either case, blitz is just fun!

Here is a game which I have played today. I started off with Smith and Morra Gambit, but the game quickly went off the book due the delayed gambit acceptance. The interesting twists start at 19. Ne6, with 21. Ng5 giving the final blow.

While I defintely would think hard to play 19.Ne6 in a regular game format, roughly calculated moves like these work in blitz. I wouldn't go too much into analyzing all the variations in blitz. But moves like these will give the fun required to make blitz a living hell to the opponent ;)