Punishing the opponent for a wrong move in King's Gambit ;)

Dec 8, 2011, 9:05 AM |
A crushing win in King's Gambit over a good player (who caused upsets in previous rounds) at our company's Chess team selections. King's Gambit is always my secret weapon which is ever-ready to give surprises. Since all of us are unrated, club level players (and moreover working professionals), there is remote possibility for us to prepare openings in advance. But I think in this game I've punished the opponent well for violating the theory in the 7th move itself!

Of course, there are always better moves and I have missed several of them. There are too many combinations from move 14 itself and every move from there is like enjoying a nice tactical puzzle. Avoided playing tempting (& promising) moves like 16. Qb5 just to be safe in time pressure. For sure the game can be improved, but I'm satisfied with this game, avenging for the "unlucky" loss in the previous round.

P.S: Please suggest the moves which punish better.