James Mason vs Alexander Fritz

Aug 14, 2017, 9:34 AM |

London System Game 1

  1. Mason's Bf4 is met with the symmetrical bishop development 2...Bf5
  2. With 11.Nd4! Mason secures the Bishop Pair, but then 13. Bd3 needlessly exchanges a Bishop.
  3. Black's 14...f5?! creates a backward e6 pawn which Mason lines up on the e-file with 17.Rfe1 and 19.Rae1.
  4. Mason's tactic 22.Nxd5 allows his Rooks to break into the black position.
  5. After Black's defensive error 23...Kf8?, Mason's 25.Re5! and 28.Rxh7 exploited the vulnerable black kingside and lack of harmony among his major pieces.