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Chess NYC Day Camps

Chess NYC Day Camps

Oct 30, 2013, 6:45 AM 0

Uptown or Downtown, Chess NYC's policy of "Chess should be fun" prevails for EVERY special Day or Week of Camp! From Chess Leaders to Grandmasters these Camps are sure to captivate, motivate and generate chess players. 

Each child will receive as much chess time as we can get while enjoying, mind clearing, fun, break opportunities. Overflowing with supervision, special attention to those with greater commitment levels to Chess, as well as those who need an extra boost are just a few of the advantages of these exciting weeks of Camp.


Full days of fun promises to send your Camper home to peaceful rest...with (an educated) smile. Limited enrollments mean sign up Early for these exciting Days of (Chess) Fun! Select a week, a day or half a day but select it today!

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