Manhattan, Brooklyn & Hamptons Summer Chess Camps

Manhattan, Brooklyn & Hamptons Summer Chess Camps

Jun 23, 2015, 7:39 AM |
"More than a game, it's our culture"
Summer Chess NYC Programs | NYC & The Hamptons!
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*Manhattan Chess Fun & Training Camps - More

*Brooklyn Chess Fun & Training Camps - More
*G & T Camps w/ GM Mark Paragua - More
*Daily (all over) The Hamptons Classes - More
*Private Chess Coaching - (all over) The Hamptons &
NYC (of course) 
*Summer Tournament Schedule - More

Manhattan Chess Fun & Training Camps

While 3 hours of Chess activities are threaded through each full 8 hour day for every Camper, led by Chess NYC's Championship Coaching Staff (Nationals Champions) that's just the beginning of these great Fun & Training Camps! Outdoor fun, water play, sports and other activities thrill (coax where necessary) and prepare attendees for the next upcoming Chess activities.

  • PS 183 | Upper East Side
  • PS 3 | West Village
  • Chess @ Zinc | Greenwich Village 
Brooklyn Chess Fun & Training Camps

Long servicing the Manhattan Community, here's an idea whose time has come, Chess NYC Fun & Training Camps...In Brooklyn! All Levels. (Ages 4 and older!) Chess NYC's policy of "Chess Should be Fun" truly prevails for these cool days of camp! From Chess Leaders to Grand Master, this Camp is sure to captivate, motivate and generate chess players. Each child will receive as much chess time as they like while enjoying mind clearing fun, cooling and break opportunities.

  • St. Johns Lutheran Church | 155 Milton St.
G & T Camps Headlined by GM Mark Paragua

Chess NYC welcomes GM Mark into our already vibrant Community. A tremendous addition to the Chess NYC's Strong G & T Coaching Staff! 

At the age of 20 Mark became the youngest Filipino Grandmaster of all time! Currently USCF 2646, this achievement establishes him as a top active player in the United States! Mark also represents the Philippines in international competitions and has been a critical team leader for many years! 

Marks humble demeanor and unique approach to competitive Chess makes him the perfect GM to join Chess NYC's pool of talent! 

Summer 2015 boasts one of the strongest G & T Lineups ever!


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Hamptons Summer Programs

Chess NYC coaches will introduce, challenge and make competitors out of each and every student...all summer long! Coaches from Chess NYC (Greenwich Village) will spend the entire summer in The Hamptons with their unique (FUN)Chess NYC lesson plan and all participants, no matter their age or background, will learn and play the exciting game of Chess, guaranteed!  


Daily Classes @ CMEE - Learn More

Private Lessons - Learn More

Hamptons Evenings @ 4 Locations (6:00 - 7:30)

Hamptons Daily Junior Chess Center - Learn More 

Private Coaches, Hamptons/NYC

Chess NYC offers a unique brand of quality of Chess Instruction for all levels, beginners to advanced. Tried, true and tested teaching methods by handpicked and trained team members with a commitment to excellence, ensures every student receives appropriate instruction based on their individual needs. Chess NYC students range in ages from 4 - 104 and their chess needs range accordingly. Chess NYC boasts students ranging from those first being introduced to the game, as well as Experts and Masters looking to gain an edge in tournament competition...and everything else in between! At Chess NYC the emphasis is on the sport, fun and growth! 


Hamptons - Learn More  | New York City - Learn More

Summer Chess Tournaments

Tournament participation is an important part of a chess player's advancement and enjoyment of the game. An opportunity to play with "like skilled" opponents in a structured Tournament, is an experience that motivates pursuit of improvement and creates even more cooperative students. From Head Start Junior Short Sunday Morning Events (9:00 - 11:00 AM) with lot's of prizes! To Weekly Rated, Sunday Events (12-5 pm) for Advancing Players up to the Elite SaturdayQuads for aspiring Masters, Chess NYC supports them all! 
July 26th - 
Learn More | August 22nd - Learn More 

We Are Chess NYC
Chess NYC' proven, effective,  philosophy to emphasize sport and fun and provide as much chess instruction as a child can bear...but not providing  ample, supervised, spirited play, each student associates Chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great, significant, game of chess. From there?...Excellence!


Russ, Michael & The Chess NYC Gang

New York City Chess Inc.