Players Impossible to Please Players Impossible to Please

Dec 7, 2015, 4:41 PM |
3 Live Chess players are often impossible to please. Nasty, brutish, and probably short (maybe that's why they're in a bad mood all the time?), these players get offended by everything and everything after they've lost - or sometimes won! - a game.

What am I talking about? Visit the Notes pages of the players you play, or players on your friends list, and look at the nasty notes posted there by peeved opponents. Sad reading, truly. They are usually filled with insults, like: "Runner! Why do you run away?" Or other far worse insults and accusations.

Many of the illogical criticisms center on behavior exhibited after a blitz or bullet game by the object of their ire. The problem for those hapless opponents is -- there appears to be no way to please these people!

They complain if you disappear without a rematch ("Runner!").

They complain if you rematch them ("Only small people do this!").

They complain if you don't rematch them. ("Runner!")

They complain if you don't accept their rematches. ("Runner!")

So, what's a decent person to do? No idea. Mostly, I just close the game board after a game, and, if I want another game, repeat my previous seek.

Please, I beseech you my friends, don't be insulted if I don't rematch you, or accept your rematch. Sometimes I will, and sometimes I won't. Sometimes I have to run. It's as simple as that.

But let's all try to be more civil to our opponents at Chess. com, nasty, brutish and short though they may be. Kill 'em with kindness!