Evicting Cavemen - Hating the Smith Morra - Part 1 A repertoire for the Black Postional Player

Dec 24, 2009, 12:36 AM |

Dialogue between caveman and a government official, who is insisting on refuting gambits in chess.

Government Official: I am afraid of that I'll have to kick you out of this town Mr Caveman, the locals are complaining about the way you play chess.

Mr Caveman: Caveman pick nose, caveman produce body odor day in day out, and out of all this, it is the way caveman play checkers bald guy suffering from hair loss complain about! 

G.O: First of all, I am talking about chess! And I do not suffer from hair loss, I was just trying to impress my mother to show that I am a true monk! Anyway, as for why locals are complaining about your chess, no one likes losing to the 'Wipe my Ass', 'Call me a Hobo' and 'I am not the only one in the Litter' gambits which you have been using to defeat some of the locals today.

Mr C: Caveman hear Baldie have a mother... is she single?

G.O: NO, she is not single. Anyway, I have bad news for you buddy, I just heard that the Smith Morra gambit is refuted from a person who is of higher ranking than me!

1.e4 c5 2.d4?!

Perhaps I am being harsh to give 2.d4?! the dubious sign, but in I am blind to the fact that such a hasty try to refute the whole Sicilian system is nothing but superficial.

I know that I used to work against the Sicilian, but I recently developed a habit of developing a passion to refute gambits (thankyou, Mr Silman). Black's position seems to be just way too solid to be a victim against one developed piece from the white side.

A Repertoire for the cautious Black Player


3...g6!? is a little explored way for black players who prefer calmer waters to meet the Smith Morra and the Alapin. It gives black a good game as long as he remembers moves such as ...Be6-f7, ...f7-f6 etc.
Usually, players who play closed positions better will prevail.