Giving a little thanks

Nov 22, 2007, 12:11 AM |

Just thought I'd take this strange occasion to spread a little gratitude around. A few things I'm grateful for: - YESSSSS

Chess - What a wonderful way to pass the time. I wouldn't say it defines my existence, but it sure as hell beats being proactive at work.

Free cookies for kids at grocery stores.

Free food samples for adults at grocery stores.

Meaningful threads in the forums - and extremely grateful for certain posters.

Hugs from my kids.

10 minutes here and there alone with my wife.

Good friends who play chess.

Players who play me over and over again even though I almost always win.

Players who play me over and over again even though I ALWAYS lose.

Good conversations.

Batgirl isn't too creeped out by that creepy thread about her in the forums.


My dog.

And of course, I'm thankful I will wake up to the smell of turkey, pies baking, kids running around, house full of family, stealing bites of all the food and getting slapped for it all day long, and Thanksgiving Football.

And you dear reader, I'm thankful for you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving... have a wonderful Thursday.