Guitar Hero


Every year I get a pretty heavy dose of sick shortly after Christmas. This years version wasted little time and hit me new years eve. There I was enjoying time with family, eating all the finger foods and BAM... body aches.. congestion... I basically fumbled around all night trying to make sense of things and trying like hell not to cough. Every time I coughed, sneezed or burped, it felt like getting hit by a mack truck.

Congestion is gone, but the body aches and cold chills are still with me. I have enough ibuprofen in me to send a decent sized city to the emergency room, and I still feel like staffing out my trips to the restroom!

But nothing.. no not hell nor high water will keep me from playing Guitar Hero. WOW that game is addicting. My kids got it but between my wife and I, I don't think they've played it more than a couple of minutes. And that is saying something, because my wife HATES video games.

New years eve we were all over at my parents' house, and we broke out the game and guitars around 8 pm. I figured it would last an hour tops, after all my parents are in the 60s. No sir, the game wasn't shut off until 15 minutes before the new year, and quite begrudgingly at that. Once the party was over, some people talked about starting it back up again.

Get this, My dad is 65, and he wants to buy it. My dad, the guitar hero.

I'm working my way through the Hard levels now, I complete most the songs but not with very high scores yet. The expert level kicks my posterior.

But the really funny thing is we finally had to move the playstation downstairs into the family room, cuz both my wife and I were looking for excuses to go upstairs and get a song or two in. We caught each other so many times we just decided... lets just move it down.

We are shameless... with the blinds open and neighbors peering in, Mrs Oginschile and myself can be seen rocking hard core with a plastic guitar and the playstation 2 blaring out some awful relic of the stoner's age.

We'll see how many block barbecues we get invited to in 2008. If invited, I may have to decline... I'll probably have a show in Barstow, or playing a gig in Ft Lauderdale. Some rat infested jr High School gym will be packed with cartoon teenagers cheering me on as I strum the sweet six-string sounds of "Surrender" by cheap trick... or "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple.

Life has taken on new meaning friends. I'm making $350 a song and buying bonus tracks left and right. I have 3 finishes on my guitars, and a rocker's outfit for every day of the week! All right there on my guitar hero profile.

I can almost feel the contact high from all the marijuana being smoked from the roadies!

Speaking of drugs, a Nisipeanu game has been occupying my cranial bandwidth for the past week. He seems to possess a touch of Tal, perhaps a pinch of Nezhmetdinov, and certainly a flash of his own fighting spirit. A true original, he is quickly be

coming a personal favorite.