I could do that.

Dec 8, 2007, 3:43 AM |

Batgirl posted a good blog about a well-known Fischer game, in which Fischer flashed his tactical genius.


In the comments to that game is posted a wish that they (the poster) could see the game like that.

Batgirl's next blog post is a very good game by a relatively unknown player:


Reading these in succession as I did, it occurred to me that we are all struck with moments of brilliance, though perhaps that brilliance is subjective. Of course what may seem brilliant to me will obviously seem mundane to others... or as Batgirl said -

"There is always some naked "truth" in every position. Some people are able to see that truth clearly. Some can sense it but never fully realize it. Some just miss it completely no matter how hard they look. Some never even look."

I recently played through a game that seemed to me brilliant, and yet simple. The first thought I had was... "I could do that!"

So why don't I? When you don't expect greatness out of yourself, you are not going to look. Sometimes, it's worth a look. We all just might surprise ourselves.