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Michael Adams

Mar 7, 2008, 5:09 AM 5

Occasionally in my chess studies I will look at a player who I haven't really taken much notice of. I'll go to chessgames.com and just peruse through their games. I find it's fun to explore the brilliance of players who history may largely forget.

This first started with Miguel Najdorf. For years I thought of him only as Bobby Fischer's whipping boy. I'd seen a few of Fischer's brilliancies against Najdorf, and thought to myself "Sheesh, this guy is a chump... he got worked."

Well who didn't.

But one day I wanted to see who this Najdorf was due to my study of the sicilian opening. I looked through his more popular games on chessgames.com and was floored by the combinations this guy played. Since then I've kept an open mind to all Grandmasters, realizing that they are called Grandmasters for a reason.

Michael Adams is an extremely strong positional player, but he knows how to deliver the knockout blow, as the following puzzles suggest. In both of them the first move prompted resignation from the opponent.

Find the move... and the reason for resignation.









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