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Minority attack

Nov 17, 2007, 4:23 AM 4

I have two basic weaknesses in chess, and all my other weaknesses basically fit as subsets of these two weaknesses. These are (and these are in no particular order) 1: understanding what is about to happen, and 2: understanding what the hell just happened.

The good news is I'm working on these, and when I get them figured out... I'm gonna bust the C-barrier.

One glaring sub-weakness I have is the endgame. How may I adequately express my endgame... hmmm...

My endgame blows.

Now that we are all up to speed... I have been studying some endgames and trying to learn some techniques from some of the great endgame artists throughout time. Rubinstein, Smyslov and Fischer.

In comparison, I would have to say I currently play endgames much like Kurt Cobain or President Bush. My middle game is all about Shock and Awe, but no endgame strategy exists.

I happened on this game from Rubinstein who appears to enter a slightly inferior endgame, and then plays a solid positional game, conducting a minority attack and ends with a nice technical win. It isn't anything fantastic, but I thought it was an instructive little piece of endgame work.






A good example of endgame technique against an inferior opponent. This game probably should have been drawn, but Mattison could not keep up with Rubinstein's endgame play. The endgame is truly it's own game.


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