Tis the season

Nov 28, 2007, 1:06 AM |

Thanksgiving is over, and December waits ready to pounce around the next corner. It is a time when Christmas dominates the senses... be it sight... sound... taste. I am not a bah humbugger...

Now that just sounds wrong doesn't it.

I am actually quite the Christmas fiend. Family traditions run deep, and this is generally my favorite time of year. We get together often and enjoy the same things we have done in years past. Very little changes, and I'm generally okay with that.

True to form my wife spoke with me about Christmas music in the home. Once Thanksgiving is over, she likes to hear nothing but christmas melodies inside the house. Even in the car, she cringes when she hears non-Christmas music in the month of December.

Part of this is because I have a rather eclectic taste when it comes to music. I love to listen to Pink Floyd and The Cure one day, Skinny Puppy and Funkervogt the next, and I'll finish the week off listening to David Bowie and Elton John. In the car I have 2 bands that dominate my CD Player, Blind Melon and Metallica.

It happens every December, I try to listen to just Christmas music, and put everything else on hold, but it doesn't really work. I love Christmas music, I really do. But sooner or later I just have to hear Shannon Hoon's raspy tones, or Lars Ulrich's amazing drum beats.

My wife wishes the kids wouldn't over hear my music, and I can understand her objections. Often times I wonder if they aren't a tad young to cope with songs like Warlock or Tim Omen from Skinny Puppy. Sometimes they do overhear and they ask me what the song is about. I just say "He's talking about spankings... quick, close your ears!"

Old habits die hard. Sometimes it's just so much easier to stick with what you are used to. Worked for Fischer and his beloved 6. Bc4



How many times did we see Fischer pawn rush the kingside, open the h-file and win with a heavy piece invasion through that opening?

He had the subtleties down... I've tried this plan more times than I can remember, and it just never works for me.