Vacation time

Vacation time

Jun 13, 2008, 11:14 PM |

It's vacation time for the Og family. Five kids in our new van for 10 hours.... ahh!!! Few experiences bring out the ol family ties like a confined space and a trip that always seems just a few hours too long!

But it's my wife's family we are going to visit, so I have to be on my best behavior. And absolutely no chess... no siree... If I ask to use my wife's cousin's computer it had better be to check the account to make sure she still has money to spend! AND THERE HAD BETTER BE MONEY TO SPEND!


The withdrawals will kick in about Tuesday I think. Sunday will be spent driving, Monday will be decompressing and the zoo I think... Tuesday I will wake up with a nervous tick. I'll tell people I forgot my meds. The bloodshot eyes and the pale skin will be a giveaway that something isn't right, but I'll pass it off as allergies.

Wednesday morning I'll have the shakes. My wife will begin telling stories of my addiction to chess, and how i have a chess board in the bathroom...

Thursday i'll walk in circles in the backyard reciting the first 10 moves of the najdorf over and over again.

Friday I'll draw a chessboard in the garden with a stick and use different vegetables and small rocks as the pieces. I'll play brilliant moves and say to nobody special "Turnip to e6 Check! Haha.. i've forked your tomato and the woodchip. Soon your carrot will fall as well!" My children will just shake their heads as I preach to them about the importance of a solid Radish structure, and not bringing your squash out too early. "Passed onions must be pushed"!

By saturday my wife will see that she was wrong to deprive me of my, and she will allow me to play while she takes the kids to the family barbecue, and all will be right again., you just may be my immortal beloved.