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Study log. 31 Aug 2016

Study log. 31 Aug 2016

Aug 31, 2016, 12:23 PM 0

Today I encountered a very nice problem

But honestly before moving pieces I calculated only till 1. Bh7 Kxd5 2. Bf5 h2 3. Bc8. I thought it would be 3. ... h1Q 4. Bb7+ =, but I totally overlooked blacks defensive move 3. ... Kc6!. It took me another 2 minutes to see the stalemate motive 4. Bg4!. That's what I mean when saying that I often overlook defensive opportunities of my opponent. I need to get rid of this bad habit somehow.



My opponent played really well, I didn't stand a chance. Perhaps 19. ... b3 would be better option than 19. ... Qb6. I would lose a pawn indeed, but I'd be able to finish development. 
The second game was so quick and not challenging so I decided I would play one more.
Sometimes after such blunders I am thinking that it is better not to play chess at all than to play like that. 

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