Study plan and goals

Study plan and goals

Aug 28, 2016, 6:02 PM |

I am going to be training in 5 areas. 


My biggest tactical flaw is that I often don't calculate good enough and often miss defensive opportunities of my opponent, I often fail to see his best defense against my threats and this leads to wrong calculations. I am going to eliminate this weakness by focusing during solving tactics specifically on calculating everything. So to improve at tactics I am going to solve every day: 20 problems on tactics trainer and 3-5 problems on chesstempo. In both systems my goal would be to calculate every possible answer of my opponent and never guess as it happens sometimes when the first move looks obvious and I make it without calculating consequences thoroughly. Most of the times I am right about my guess, but once in a while I am not. I cannot afford making such calculation mistakes OTB. Also during commuting I am going to read through 300 most important positions pocketbook by GM Lev Alburt.


I am going to read through Nimzowitch books My system and The practice of my system. Truth being I already read it and it was really a great read. But it was around 10 years ago so I think it won't hurt to delve deep into Nimzowitch ideas again. I am going not only blindly reading through the books, I am going to carefully think over every position, every diagram and every move described in the books. 

Besides that I am going to do 2 Lessons from Strategical trainers on I am going to go through all 8 courses available on here.


What I am going to do in this area is to build a solid opening repertoire. Basically I am going to learn two openings for white and two for black. I am going analyze GM games played by the openings to see what common plans in these openings look like. What kind of positions might arise etc. Basically I am going to learn typical plans specific for these openings.


I have Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual and I am going to work through it before the tournament. I am going to memorize key positions and ideas. 

Practical play

I am going to play everyday two 15 minutes games. After the game I will save the PGN to my database and will analyze it. Specifically I'll be focusing on the ways of how I could improve my play in the game regardless of the fact whether I won it or lost. Also I am going to take every game very seriously as if it was an OTB game. 

All my results, findings, interesting positions I found, ideas I got amazed with, peculiar games I played etc, I'll post on here.