DHCL Slow Swiss #2 - 5th round - with mistakes highlighted by coach Heisman

Jan 28, 2013, 6:57 PM |
An interesting game in the final round of the DHCL Slow Swiss #2 tournament, a fantastic initiative by SirIvanhoe and his team of organizers. I am probably too much in love with the idea of creating imbalances, in this match giving up my bishop pair and giving my opponent a half open g file - but then also making it awkward to castle. One of my problems I need to sort out is speed of attack; I often dither around for a while, figuring out what to do. Reading Neil McDonald's Chess: The art of logical thinking (playing through 30 entertainingly and instructively annotated games) was an eye-opener; it was fascinating how fast some grandmasters are when attacking at the right moment.
Anyway, the game is of course filled with a variation of good, not quite so good and some poor moves, we are happy amateurs after all! Though it was nice to win, of course, it was in any case an entertaining match.
I have annotated the game with some of Dan Heisman's comments to me, I hope you do not mind, Dan!