DHCL Slow Swiss 3rd round

Jan 13, 2013, 12:24 AM |

An interesting game, where I think the idea of stopping my opponent from castling paid off very well. I know that kind of move may not be the computer's favourite, but it was fairly safe and there was a good chance it might deflect my opponent's attention. Not being able to castle can be incredibly annoying...

According to the computer analysis, we played the Queen's Gambit Refused, Marshall Defence (link opens in new window), which has some lines with an incredible statistic for white. At my level, I am not great at memorizing openings so I prefer to avoid anything that will involve Sicilian - as that seems to be the first opening (after Spanish) that any player tries to memorize. Playing 1. d4 (sometimes 1. Nf3) and 1. e4 e6 is helpful at my level, I think. We have quickly thrown any trace of a "book" out the window, and are left to our own reasoning...