app upgrade not working?

Dec 28, 2013, 3:42 PM |

(Problem now solved. has reverted to the old mobile app. Thanks for handling the complaint well.)

Have just posted this message to tech team:

Not possible to accept friend requests.

EXTREMELY unstable, crashes all the time.

Disconnects during live Chess, impossible to be logged back in, leading to game loss.

Seems like an alpha version, not something to publish to your customers.

Give customer option to use the old and working app, this is a MAJOR disappointment.

Turns out, the friend request was accepted, but doesn't disappear from the app, which crashes instead. The worst part may be trying to make the app look like the Web page, instead of having a mobile friendly Web page instead, and keep the app simple and highly functional.

Of course, losing two games in won positions due to a disconnect that was impossible to correct was particularly annoying.

This is my very small effort to bring back the previous app until the new one is actually ready for release, which it clearly isn't. Or am I the only one having these problems?