Post Mortem of an Amateur's Game III: Blundering away the Championship

Aug 8, 2015, 2:01 PM |

I don't know if I had won the national championship in my class, had I won this game. I knew I would have played the penultimate game on Board 1. Instead I went from heaven to hell in milliseconds, due to my own arrogance. This blog is a way to make sure I remember this mistake and never, ever do it again in classical chess!

The Norwegian championship is played over a week in early July each year. It is a great event, this year with a record number of participants. In the adult event, there are seven groups, I play on level 5 which basically is players up to a FIDE of around 1750 (we have a national rating system that does not correspond well).

Going into round 7 I was tied at 2nd place with 5/6, playing a young lad who was in front by 0.5 points. In general my play had been good by my standards until this point, and for the first hour or so, my form was intact.

I got what I deserved, and just to add salt to the wound the mistake was highlighted in the chess column of Norway's main newspaper Aftenposten. Thanks for that!

The goal will have to be to come back to the championship next year and return to the column for the right reasons!

(Not sure if anyone finds these writings interesting, the writings are for my own benefit. But is a good place to store and share my experiences OTB.)