Preparations of an amateur III: King's Indian - Classical Main Line

May 10, 2014, 12:16 PM |

As I am not a great player, my opening repetoire is limited. I tend to play 1. d4. When playing against the KID, I have been too passive in the past. Here are some preparations in order to improve in the future. This blog is basically notes that makes it easier for me to review at later times.

I met the KID in an OTB last weekend, and won more because my opponent played too slow rather than my idea being brilliant.

Even so, I realised in that game how important it is to be active as White.

In this game, I established a king side attack where I gave up a pawn in order to break the pawn structure, and some inaccurate defence made the win simple. 

However, even though the opening was ok here, there is still room for improvement.

Up until move 10 this is very familiar stuff for knowledgeable players; there are more than 1.400 games with 13...g5 in Only at 18. Nb5 do we start to really narrow down the number of previous games (15), and 19...Rb8? is not something that a grandmaster would play, probably.
White has some nice chances - but there has to be the right balance between precice (though not overly difficult) defence, and the correct break with c5...