Too much in love with imbalances

An entertaining match against a good opponent at my local club. We played 60 min + 30 sec/move. He had the initiative early on, and I sacrificed material to get more active play. It worked for a good while, but then I played Hope Chess and lost when we were both getting close to time trouble.

Hope you enjoy it; this is a useful way for me to annotate my own games and hopefully, someday, learn!


  • 4 years ago


    Well, I thought I should control the e file with Bf6 and Kf7, leaving the queen to do other stuff. And I had a vague idea that I somehow could trap his bishop; though I didn't really see how. But that fake threat made my opponent play Qd2, I think, which gave him some problems. But Fritz says I should have played Kf7 straight away, and if Nd2 then Bc3 which is a nice square for the bishop.

  • 4 years ago


    What's the goal of 32. ...Bf6? It doesn't seem to do much. Ohh, it defends e7, is that the purpose? If so, then after 33. Qd2, maybe ...Qd6, allowing you to push the Q-side pawns would be good.

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