Thanks to I'm improving!

Aug 11, 2007, 12:01 PM |

After a fairly  ropey start on this site, my game is starting getting a lot better.

I really recommend reading the articles, in particular The Opening for Beginners - Part #1 and Part #2 which teaches to control the center, develop you pieces, protect your king. Antoher great article is  The Middlegame - What to Do which really emphasis the need for every move to be improving your position. 

I have included a game which I just won which is one of there first that I feel I really controlled the game well especially the ending. My opponent made couple of mistakes with his horses (he moved them into positions where they were instantly taken without exchange) but other than that played a pretty solid game. Not many pieces were taken by either of us, which I personally think is the sign of an interesting game. When the game gets really long and comes down to a few pieces it seems to get really scrappy.

I would love to hear opinions on this game. Take care and I look forward to playing you soon.