My win....

My win....

Mar 30, 2016, 1:03 PM |

Yesterday I was looking for some games with higher rating just for fun, but unrated, I started to looking for players with 2000>, i started to select the players using the "ranking online" who have to see the top players, but all rejected my challenges.

After some time, i challenged friends, and players with higher rating, but any one accepted my challenge.I started to wondering, what I do now?

 With my last chance and bored, i go to "Open challenges" Where the players launch challenge, with any time control, with the hoping to play with someone of his level, but instead of that they find with me, with a lower rated player.

They got the feeling of frustration, because they can't play with someone of they level, they started to play like "this game is a simple win" but, suddenly before realize, they are in trouble with no scape and then the adrenaline  comes into their heads, and start to think again.

Before they want the  rematch, to don't stay like weak opponent, you can feel happy before the kick you  .

Or simply they don't want any more with you and just go with a opponent who deserves to play with them and don't lose their time any more :c.

Extra game....of bullet.
I hope you enjoyed