The most shocking blunders of the GMs

The most shocking blunders of the GMs

Mar 19, 2016, 7:07 PM |

Around of the years, there has been amazing GMs, with extraordinary moves.

However, there has been movements that have made us jump out of the chair o they  have made us eat our nails.

The most highlighted was the blunder of the GM Hikaru Nakamura in his game againts the GM Levon aronian in the Candidates tournament. Nakamura touched his king in view of all, and move the king was a terrible move so that gived a painful lose, but Aronian was sure that the position was winning for White, giving us a kind of endgames.


Here are the lesson of the GM Levon Aronian,  who say the position was winning for white, but the commentators say was a draw. 

But Nakamura isn't are the only one.

Here are a blunder of GM Magnus Carlsen in World Rapid Chess Championship, Blundering his bishop againts GM Viswanathan Anand. That make Carlsen lose the game, maybe a bad calculation or maybe he isn't think twice.


 We can see how surprised was the commentator and the gestures of Carlsen.


And now we have the blunder of  GM Vasili Ivanchuk in his game againts Viswanathan Anand.

Ivanchuck missed checkmate in one. The first tim i see it i jump out of my chair and i feel so bad for ivanchuck, but every body make blunders.


Ivanchuck missed the mate in one, who was so clearly with 1:09 of time, more than enough to found this checkmate.

Ivanchuck followed some moves more, he wasted much time and he lost in time. For me one of the most remarkable blunder,
How you can pass of winning and having a checkmate, to a lose, heartbreaking blunder.
Now, how could it miss, our favorite world champion the GM Garry Kasparov againts GM Anatoly Karpov. In that famous match.
We can see really biggers blunders like GM Magnus Carlsen  againts GM Merab Gagunashvili.
The end of the post.
But remember.
Never lose when you learn!!!
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