This almost, pulls me out of my chair

This almost, pulls me out of my chair

Apr 23, 2016, 6:00 PM |


So, I was playing blitz on, but are more usual see me playing bullet.

I was playing blitz because i want to get better in chess so bullet isn't are the way, I had a concetration which helped me to don't lose mi mind seeing in my perspective a losted position.

Something I consider are toxic in my chess are, I give up very soon in just because I dont like the position, and then I start to feel defeated but sometimes, I anlayzed it with a computer, Surprise! You was winning....... something are wrong with you.

In the game must be blunders or inaccuracies, but was something exciting

"I strated to play with the ruy lopez, the position changed into something unexpected

I wasted much of my time to get something of the position, i defeated my opponent with 15 seconds left in my clock, my opponent had 5 minutes with 10 seconds, and i check mate him, I was felt very accelerated, my heart don't stop beating, I was in the threshold, even of my chair

The time almost kill me  and not only in the game"....





I hope you enjoyed !