why Yes and not can win Sergey Karjaking the WCC

why Yes and not can win Sergey Karjaking the WCC

Apr 4, 2016, 2:40 PM |

The world chess championship.

The both players who will play for the crown, are between Magnus Carlsen the current World champion and Sergey Karjakin the winner of the candidates tournament.

The players are really good, the favorite to win is Magnus Carlsen.

Let's start.

Well we got Sergey Karjaking number 2 in Russia with 2779 of rating, just under Vladimir Kramnik with 2801.

With the age of 26 years old, having as merit to be the more youngest GM ever with 12 years old and 7 months.

He had a performance 2855 approximately.

Karjakin in "April FIDE Rating"  qualified for the eigth spot, go in to the top 10

All say "Karjakin is a product of the soviet school". But what that means?........

Even stylistically, Karjakin plays somewhat similar to Carlsen, "but While Karjakin’s play can frequently be reminiscent of Carlsen’s style, he lacks Carlsen’s accuracy. Karjakin occasionally gets outplayed by opponents or succumbs to time pressure and blunders."

And he participated in countless, and he was played sometimes like a prodigy.

Notable tournaments: 

  Corus (2009)
   SportAccord World Mind Games (Men, Basque) (2013)
   World Cup (2015)
   Norway Chess Tournament (2013)
   China-Russia Challenge Match (2015)
   Bilbao Blindfold Chess World Cup (2007)
   Cap D'Agde (2006)
   World Chess Cup (2007)
   Ordix Open (2007)
   World Cup (2009)
   Chess Olympiad (2010)
   37th Chess Olympiad (2006)
   6th European Individual Championship (2005)
   36th Olympiad (2004)
   Chess Olympiad (2014)

 And he have a notable game againts carlsen around of 2012 into the tata steel  

with the  Queen's Indian Defense: Kasparov-Petrosian Variation. Main Line (E12).