You wan't to be a top blogger?

You wan't to be a top blogger?



So, you want to be a top blogger, but how? Here the answer.

Im not a top blogger, so how do you know how to be one? simple i don't use this tips I wan't to be original and write about my own ideas and topics and be recognized by that, no for the next im going to show. 





You have to write well and do understandable what you want to explain or talk, you need a topic something interesting but be clear in what you write, even if you dont understand it you have to write it again.





Some of the top bloggers started with simple subjects, this way I call it like the quickly way to be a top blogger.

In this constitutes:

  • Public puzzles, but IMPORTANT original puzzles this means, dont use puzzles of websites, internet..... you have to public intresting and new puzzles for the community, more useful of books
  • Public difficult and rare puzzles, a example is to public like seven pawns on the seventh rank  and black have some pieces and, how avoid the check mate?
  • Be careful to don't reapeat puzzles, puzzles of another blogs or articles.




 The subject, something fundamental, Use subjects of  today, important, modern, intresting and very present in chess, a example:

About tournaments or maybe of a grand master hidden in a website playing anonymously or the "wathever" top grand master going to play on, even the transmition of the world championship will be exclusive for "x" site.

Don't forget the subject are fundamental....

 Remeber this tow words new and creative




Know how to use the tools of 


Sometimes you have to know how use the tools of like put a video, image, standings in a teable.....For example:

when you are presenting a game but wan't to put a tactic in some time, and after end the tactic show the complete game, but how?

You have to discover or ask, but belive me this going to help you, to produce a quality blog.




 More tips coming soon........


Good bye i hop you enjoyed!