Apr 1, 2009, 7:47 PM |

Blog rhymes with frog which rhymes with dog which rhymes with bog which rhymes with log which rhymes with fog which rhymes with blog.


no nuh uh no way you di'int nah nunca no nope dope nodatall nothin nuthin nothin no go nah nah nu uh no way nah nodatall nothin uh nah.









gurl go make me a sanwidge, yes, in the kitchen, no, don't, get outta my room, you'll spill on my copies, gurl, shoo, no moe, kitchen you go, yes, out, sanwidge time, what, you're sick of making sanwidges, gurl i don't give a shit, go, kitchen, get cho ass movin gurl, mmhmm, oh yeah, kitchen i come, yes, no, i don wan no sanwidge, come with me, i said get outta the kitchen, fuck, get outta the fuckin kitchen, yes i know, yes i understand, yes, yes, yes, what time is it, oh, come with me, to the bed, to get our janky thang oww-nuh.


i iz lolcat, hear me roar


fishie in blue sea, make me treat to eat


hai hello huh ho oh go so lo doh hello herro