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Mar 29, 2009, 1:55 PM 2

here I will post my schedule for my life because I know all of you care. i <3 you all

1. wake up

2. masturbate

3. get outta bed

4. look at self in mirror

5. admire muscles

6. admire my buttox

7. lay on ground

8. get up

9. take shower (NOTE: ONLY ON CHRSITMAS, for every other day skip to number 17)

10. enjoy hot water for approximately 1 minute before it turns cold

11. use shampoo

12. other miscellaneous shower games

13. play with shower toys

14. sneeze in shower

15. get out of shower

16. dry off

17. look at self in mirror

18. ask the woman to make me a sandwidge

19. go outside and check the mailbox

20. say hello to the neighbors

21. put clothes on

22. feed the cat

23. go on a walk

24. look into windows of (name ex-girlfriend here)

25. say hello to (name ex-girlfriend here)

26. get taken down to the police station

27. get reminded of her restraining order

28. go home

29. look at self in mirror

30. go to the bathroom

31. go onto chess.com and write a blog

32. look at my friend count on facebook

33. text myself

34. look for pictures in the ceiling

35 . try to find me cat

36. watch mr. roger's neighborhood

37. make believe

38. faint

39. wake up

40. pass out

41. rinse and repeat.

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