All the things I hate

May 21, 2009, 6:47 AM |

Well, I can already tell that this is gonna be a long one and i probably won't finish b4 the bell


One of the main things that gets to me is unrequited love. I hate just being attracted to someone and they are like, "get out of my face." Sometimes it isn't as hard to get over, but with one person right now, I don't know if I can get over it. I come to school, want to be around that person, want to be with them, but they just don't get the hint...sigh... sometimes I wonder if it was just not right for me to be with them. But dispite my moral and spiritual beliefs, I pursue them, knowing that if I slip up to the wrong person, my life goes down the drain. Life has its challenges, but is this the one that I can't make it through? I have one friend who is so close to me, she would never tell anyone what I'm feeling. She actually helps me out. You really know who your friends are when they stay with you until the end. But she is graduating tomorrow...what will I do? Can I pass on my secrets to the very one I want? Or is that too dangerous? I don't know, all I can do is hope for the goes.


Ok....we kinda tried, but when we got there to say something...we kinda, um, found an excuse not to. SO, we have settled with Ande...who found out by "guessing" yeah right! so ne way...thats that...on to the next thing I hate...have you ever been just sitting there at home, maybe playing video games, not bothering a soul in the world...when your parents just start screaming at you for no apparent reason? happens alot to me. well, not ne more though! I moved in with my grandmother here recently b/c my grandfather past away. well, back on the subject: One parent wants you to go do this. On your way to go do it, the other parent tells you to do something else without even knowing that you are doing something for the other parent. That is when you are really in trouble! So you debate; which parents spanks the hardest! lol no you go do the first thing, get in trouble with the first parent, you try to explain, but their job for you was "more important" and "the parents are always right" which brings me to my question to you all: Which parent is right when they disagree? Is the second parent innocent by ignorance to the task you already had at hand or guilty by not accepting valid information? But now I don't have that problem...and some with single parents don't have it either. Its just me and my grandmother. She asks me to do something and there is no one there to contradict the task she has assigned me with. Plus, without my family: mom, step-dad, brother, and sister, I have alot more free time. Which brings me to another point. I LOVE COMPUTERS. I get parts and pieces of them, put them together, and now I'm gonna try to sell them. I'm about to take the A+ Certification test and will be certified!!! Oh, and im about to finish the 10th grande. SIX DAYS BABY!!!! well 5 due to the fact that the sixth is a makeup day! WOOO!!! oh, and I'm in JROTC and i get to do the Color Guard for my best friend's graduation!!! YAY!!! OLEAN IS SOOOO AWSUM!!! yeah just between me and the rest of the world out there, she had a crush on me like...the beginning of last school year, BUT we cleared that one up quick with just a slight bit of but she is just the most awsumest friend you can have: understanding, funny, she even came to my grandfather's funeral! you know you have a friend when they console you instead of sleeping in...she is a senior...well...she is graduating today...i don't know if i can stand not crying. knowing me, ill burst into tears while doing my color guard sequence! but ne way...ill b a junior next year! im single and open to anyone. well guess ill write like monday...when i moved in with my grandmother...well she kinda doesnt have have to get on at school...but we'll get it later! dont worry! im also on myspace

I'll blog later i guess! lol and people...MAKE A FREAKN MOVE ALREADY!!! GOSH!