is Awesome!

Jul 12, 2008, 10:16 AM |

There are just not enough compliments going on here, on our planet earth. Recent  research illustrates just how precise this notion is, and then some.

How often do you tell someone "...hey, great move" or "you are playing brilliantly"? How many times have you genuinely complimented someone in the last day? How about in the last week?

About the research I mentioned: Get this one...for every 500 letters written for dissatisfaction, complaint, or a real rant at someone or some company, there is 1 letter written to either issue kudos or compliments.

That comes out to a 500:1 ratio of bad to good which for me is completely unacceptable! When I first read this statistic, needless to say I was overwhelmed; moreover, I was saddened by the state of enabling that has been going on that allows people to demand rather than appreciate what it is that they take so much for granted.

Therefore I decided, vowed that any and every time someone went out of their way for me, or I received good service, or someone did me a good turn then I would write the company, the person's immediate boss, and make sure a copy got too the rightful owner's hands.

Now if you are a bit down or need a 'pick-me-up' write a letter for what's happened good in your life. You'd be surprised at how many letters and emails you'll start receiving that say: "Thank you so much for you compliments…they made my entire month…"

So to this I say: Hey! Keep up the awesome work! I realize that much of what you do goes unnoticed, but be assured that me and my friends think you folks are doing marvelously!

More later…