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Conservative or Gangbusters?

Conservative or Gangbusters?

May 14, 2008, 2:12 PM 1

Here is a concept that is still a bit over my head—in theory and in practice—and that is the notion of how lightly some players regard their troops. Or, so I thought. Every time I watch the Master's play, or watch a video, or even see some of the suggestions that the 'computer' suggests, it's enough to scare the living daylights out of me!


At times it almost appears that these folks are being borderline reckless; seriously, to a novice player it looks like a 'swap meet' or let's just 'swap these huge, meaningful pieces' so we can get down to work.


No kidding here, gang. Players just swapping queens for queens, or even set up a situation where a knight will set up, knowing there's emanate death by heck, two or three pieces, yet makes the move anyway!


So I'm thinking…hmm, this one's over in a hurry; but no! The player who moved the knight into peril knew an entire file would open up and he'd perhaps be the recipient of two rooks in exchange. Mind you, I know that these folks are playing so far ahead—perhaps even five or more moves ahead—in the game than I'm capable of doing.


However, I am learning (slowly but surely) is rather than play defensive and conservative chess, always protecting every piece from 'Harm's Way' that every now and then it pays off big time to get aggressive and play without 'so many pieces in the way.' CHEERS everyone!


By the way…Erik, great tourney…AGAIN!  

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