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Great and nice players

Great and nice players

Apr 24, 2008, 7:48 PM 1

Well here I am again! I say it this way because since joining Chess.com I'm not certain if there's been a day where I haven't checked in, or played.

About the title: I think my longest match was around 65-68 moves; you know the feeling--your opponent gets two or more pawn promotions and every time it just seems like another blow, or perhaps even another game!

I played in my very first, brand new tournament; it was quite recent and it was the 1-day format fast move kind. So here I am can't sleep the night before...really kinda freakin' out, defecating like a feline dumpin' razor blades!

Ready, set, go....time started....made all my opening moves--as fast as possible--umm...ahem...so I sat and sat and sat then came the evening and I think I'd moved with everyone in our pool once! Suffice it to say that by the end of day 1, a whopping 12 to 15 moves under my belt (that's 2 moves per board!) did I ever feel like the 'Funugie' (F-ing Nu Girl) and slept so sound that when I logged in the next afternoon, I had 'Alerts' everywhere!

Anyway, before wrapping this up, it would just be plain old 'bad form' to leave without making proper mention of our 'Champ,' Mr. Cluegoo, who played magnificently! We battled the likes that would have made Gen.'s Patton, Hannibal, Montgomery, Napolean, and Keyser Soze proud!

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