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Just Sharin' Thoughts

Just Sharin' Thoughts

Apr 23, 2008, 9:33 AM 2

Our Chess.com Gang:

Joining Chess.com has been one the better, perhaps even the best decision I've made for ME in so long I can't remember. I take a considerable amount of pride and good will in my membership; therefore, it seems I've been spending a lot more time at my computer these days.

By profession I will disclose that I am a writer. Although lately I have been doing a lot of journalism, keeping on top of societal activities, primarily in the realm of how America has become victim of special interest groups--and it seems as though the citizenry is battling to get her back on track.

Outside of journalism I am an aspiring novelist; hopefully with fingers crossed my literary agent will assist in the publication of my first novel. Yeah....it's one of those dirty, filthy, sex novels--you know, the one's that sell! (Only kidding!)

Actually I'm here at the blog in an attempt to introduce myself whilst between moves. I have a rather full, yet slow board today.

My experience here at Chess.com has been nothing short of brilliant. I have met some folks who I would invite to my home and sit at my home board. Others I've met have been so cool and very accommodating, always willing to help in anyway possible.

Thanks for having me...CHEERS!

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