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So much to learn!

So much to learn!

Apr 29, 2008, 12:57 PM 1

There are many facets of my game that just need to get better! Not in a quasi sort of way; rather, in a 'learned' way. So today I decided to have a look around at more of what Chess.com has to offer.


Don't get me wrong, everyday that I log-on here I find something that will exercise my brain—lately it's been the Daily Puzzles; and I try to spend as much time as possible in the "Trainer" section as possible; yet, one can start feeling very inadequate in a hurry there.


Nonetheless, as long as we're getting 10 free problems per day it would just be plain lunacy not to use it! That is of course if a person is looking to improve their game.


Back to today…a young man posted in the Puzzle area—quick version: he bought his grandmother a chess set and they were playing outside in a public area; a couple of people walked by and had a glance and made some remarks vis-a-vie 'pawn promotion' and how its like cheating.


Well it spawned a great discussion with some of the kindest, most helpful folks that, just love to play chess. The best comment, I thought was by a person named "rilog": "If a person told you that promoting is cheating, then you can probably beat them at chess. "

 Here's the link, click on the X

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