When is it time?

Aug 27, 2008, 12:59 PM |

This is a question that everyone who plays chess for fun, obsession, or professionally can relate too. Moreover, I am sure that a lot of folks would love to chime in on this one, so please give it your best shot and give us an answer!.


All too many times when we find ourselves completely in the moment, or 'zone' if you prefer, totally wrapped up in our games we all are confronted at one time or another when albeit, 3, 9, or even 18 points behind there seems a very real likely chance of pulling it out.


I suspect that this happens far more at the beginning levels in chess; however, I have played games where even the "Bigs" are facing the eminent, either seeing two or three queens on the board or they just won't concede for every issue known to humankind; you know, like floods, rainstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, natural acts, and then again, those extreme acts of God, before that 'white flag' goes up.


We all have faced that opponent who states: "I don't believe in draws…play it out until the end!" types; whilst at the same time we, on the other side of the board are thinking, "draw….what draw?"


Just one more scenario before the big question, so hang in with me; since joining Chess.com I have become a better chess player; moreover, I have met some tremendous people and with most I can, 'feel the love.' However, I've also dedicated myself to reading, writing, playing, and knowing as much chess as possible. In my search for that 'ultimate book' or keys as it were, for the Chess Kingdom, I have starting analyzing many of my games.


You'd be surprised at how many times I feel as though I should resign and retire. As for me, sometimes the writing is on the wall: GET OUT! SAVE SOME FACE HERE, when Boom! It hits me like the proverbial LOOK!! This is when I notice that although all appears lost, my opponent has made a mistake…hmm.


So I write for all to answer: When is the best time to resign from a match?