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Be Daring!! Attack the King on Opposite Side- Part 1

Be Daring!! Attack the King on Opposite Side- Part 1

Feb 8, 2015, 9:15 AM 2

Often in the game opponents castle their Kings in different directions. When we castle on the same flank, we attack through our pieces  but when we castle opposite sides we push or virtually throw our pawns forward. Its like race where we even have to sacrifice pawns in order to achieve open lines for rooks and queen to show their power.Sometimes we even bring the rook up and over like the rook on g3 has been brought to life from h1 to g3 via h3 in the below diagram.



 Here a few simple principles to remember : 

  1. Attack will be successful when your pawns storm helps you to get the initiative, and force your opponent to defend. instead of counterattacking.
  2.  Planning your pawn storm, you must take into account two important factors :control over the center and pieces development. The attack won't be successful without our pieces fast mobilization.
  3.  Try to open files against your opponent's King rapidly, using the weak spots in your opponent's.
  4. Dont move pawns on the side of the board where you are weaker.
  5. Dont go for materail. Time is more important in such postions.
  6. Beware of opponents counter attacking resources.
  7. Accurate calculation of variatons is necessary.
  8. Be prepared to transpose into the endgame since the opponent may force the exchange of queens.
  9. Sacrifice only when your attacking resources are greater than your opponents defending resources.
Look at the game below I played in chess.com

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