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Why do sunsets look red?

Why do sunsets look red?

Nov 9, 2010, 3:52 PM 0

A beautiful red sunset, the colors warm and glowing, is one of the loveliest sights we can imagine.And sometimes, when we look at it we might say "See how red the sun is!"

But, of course, we know that the sun itself hasn't become red or changes in any way. It merely looks that way to us at that particualr time of day. In fact, at that very moment people are looking at the same sun thousands of miles to the west and it doesn't look red to them at all! What produeces the colors of the sunset? Is the distance that the sunlight must travel through  our atmosphere. The lower it is, the more of our earth's atmosphere does that light travel through. If you have any question about anything? I hope i can help! :) Have a great day!!!!!

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