Middle game strategy.

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Middle game strategy. 

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At the middle game stage, there are several key strategical ideas to know and be aware of. After a successful opening ones pieces should be placed on good-optimal squares both defensively and offensively. But once the pieces are well placed and the opening faze of the game is over, what are the next goals to achieve? what should a player aim for at the middle game?

Well, in a standard middle game position, the player has two main goals.

1)Making use of his pieces on there current squares, 2)gaining the upper hand by forcing the opponent to accept a long term disadvantage. In this case the term disadvantage refers to- a permanent positional problem such as a week or isolated pawn,or extreme passivity. In addition the term also refers to a piece minority even though the material is equal for example 3 minor pieces for a queen or most commonly found 2 minor pieces for a rook and a pawn. Finally last but not least a material minority is the most obvious and common long term disadvantage.

Lets get back to goal number one which has bean mentioned above-Making use of the pieces on there current squares". The way to go about doing so depends on the nature of the position. First up,lets look at a position with a slow strategical nature.


The middle game stage has bean reached after the closed Ruy Lopez was played at the opening stage. How would you make use of whites pieces? In the next few moves, what improvement plan would you aim for?


White activated his pieces in the following way.



White has some pressure going, giving him a comfortable position, and well placed pieces.In addition white has a space advantage and a better clear cut attacking plan. How should white make use of his knights on the king side? It's important he does so asap.Doing so will enhance the minor pieces's effect on the board and maximise there roal in the upcoming attack against the king. Spend a few minutes, how would you proceed for white, what would your plan be?


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