My games in Beacon Chess Open tournament

My games in Beacon Chess Open tournament

Aug 15, 2017, 4:14 AM |
Played in an open tournament starting 12th August 2017. I was particularly excited about this one, was my first in hometown Jaipur. 
Here are the games (All were classical games with 90 min + 30 sec time control.)
Would really appreciate if someone could have a look and provide feedback.
Round 1:

A good start. I wasn't too sure about a couple of moves like 15.. Qh4 or 15.. Re6.  19.. Re6 was a mistake. Invested too much time overthinking.


Round 2:


Was elated to have drawn with an opponent rated 2000+. Though it could easily have been a 1-0 instead of a 1/2 - 1/2. Lesson learnt !! Hopefully next time i would make more educated pawn pushes in endgames.
Round 3:
Trapping the queen and a win against 1892. This was turning out to be an exceptional run. Felt like the tactics training on was paying off, even contemplated winning the rest.
Time management, however, was a serious concern. In all three games so far, I had used up all my time in the first 20-25 moves. Post that, I merely survived of the 30 second increment.
Round 4:
First face-off with reality. I was nervous from the start. As usual, took too much time in the opening. 
On 11... Bg4 I thought for 20 minutes deciding between 12. Qb3 and 12. Qa4.
Similarly, on 12... Qe7 I wasted another 25 minutes figuring out whether to play 13. Bb2 or 13. Ba3.
When I played 27. Rc4?? I had 10 seconds on the clock. 
Round 5:
Second straight loss. Solid play by white.
My plan (black's plan) was to open up the h-file which worked against me. I thought of e6 and a6 on multiple occasions but didn't care to invest a tempo on the not so active moves.

Round 6:
This game was a disaster. Lost count of the blunders. I literally made the last 50 move surviving off the increment. On 15... Nd4 I thought for 35 mins. deciding between 16. Qd1 or 16. Qe1. When I failed to finalise and had taken enough time, played Qd1.
Apart from the mistakes, I shall remember this game for a couple of stunts my opponent pulled off.
1. After 32. exd6 Rd2 I was thinking of the capture and right when the clock showed .02 (i.e. 2 seconds before I lose on time), the opponent asked me if he could copy notations from my scoresheet. Somehow managed to ignore him and played my move. Later realised that this was an intentional act.
2. on 72. Rxg2 he offered draw as he had somewhere read that Rook + Bishop vs Rook is a theoretical draw. I declined. on move 77. Kf6 he even called the arbiter to claim draw and then resigned in three moves.
A total of 9 games were to be played. I skipped the last three and ended with a score of 3.5 / 6.