Am I Reti? (8+1 Games)

Jan 10, 2014, 6:59 PM |
Played 8 Reti games against the Level-3 Personality of software NagaSkaki with a 20/G time control. In every game my opponent played the advance variation (2...d4), which gave me the opportunity to ponder over move order issues during the games. In every game I was able to push my own Q-side agenda satisfactorily, resulting in an 8-0-0 score.
Despite the perfect score, I know my game is far from perfect. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself by playing a bonus Reti game against the Level-4 Personality of the Software, which has always proved to be a very tough nut for me to crack. Hence I used a 60/G time control for this game. I think I fought quite well until the very end, but something snapped inside my head (or was it just fatigue?) when I had 10 minutes left on my clock, and I entered an ending which I was not confident of drawing. I resigned. So the result after the bonus game stands at 8-0-1.
I know stronger players can surely identify and point out generic flaws in my thought process if I show them the 9 typical games. When it comes to analyzing games I prefer humans to engines. Hence I am sharing the said games below.
Please give me any pointers that you think may halp me improve.
Many thanks.
The 9 games follow:
Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

Game 7:

Game 8:

Game 9 (Bonus, Level 4):