My K-p Game!

Nov 2, 2012, 3:38 AM |

During the last several months I had concentrated on gaining a bit of experience with positional play, and had therefore only played Reti/KIA/Q-p systems as White. 

My opponent had mostly been the Level 3 Personality of the software NagaSkaki, against which I saw some consistent improvement in my game over the period. 

Today, a friend who was going through my PGNs gave me a bit of an advice: "You have become comfortable with this level, so now you are not learning anything new. If you really want to improve further, either move on to the next level, or try a different style against the current level."

That made sense. So today I tried my hand at a K-p opening against Level 3, and I sweetly surprised myself with a victory!

I am not sure if I played well or not (that is for better players to tell me), but I enjoyed this open game a bit more than my closed games; I could see more targets; there was more danger; I took more risks...

But hey, a win is a win!

Do let me know what I could have done better.