New Plans for New Year

Dec 29, 2011, 7:22 AM |

Readers who have followed my previous posts will know that It was only a few days ago that I had been introduced to the Colle system, and had immediately taken a liking to the Zukertort style. So much so that I had proclaimed that C-Z is the only opening I wish to play as White for the next few years, because I hoped to master it. I also bought the books "Zuke 'Em" and "The Moment of Zuke" to aid me in my efforts. But alas...

Firstly, the more I try to play C-Z, the more I realize it is not C-Z I'm playing. Sticking with the Zukertort move order seems impossible because almost all opposition (even at my level) simply will not allow it (consciously or otherwise), and it is often required to transpose into other lines.

Secondly, the author of the said book himself acknowledges the above fact, and advocates transposing into other lines when faced with anti-colle moves. It's more like saying "This is the Colle-Zukertort system for you to try, but if your opponents will not oblige -- and they mostly will not -- then you need to be prepared to play something else, and these books will help you prepare for such transpositions." That doesn't sound good to me.I don't regret trying the opening out, but I certainly regret investing on the books.

Now I am left with no choice but to continue exploring which opening I wish to stick to when I play White. Hope I soon find one that I can be comfortable with.

Any corrections/suggestions?

Many thanks.