Practicing The QGD: Game 1

Jun 21, 2012, 5:44 AM |

Thanks to Jeremy Silman's interesting article, I've decided to take up the QGD as my opening against everything except 1. e4.

I plan to gradually improve my understanding of this opening by playing it. My goals: a) to be able to play the QGD with confidence against strong opposition, b) to simultaneously hone my positional understanding.


Okay, then. Here's my first game in the series.

Key Moves:

7. Ne5 - I didn't understand the purpose behind this move. I guess it was to hit the d7 where I'd like to develop my N/b8. Since there was no immediate threat, I decided to solidify my pawn on d5.

10. ...Ba5 - Because I thought if 10. ...Bxc3 11. bxc3, then White could nicely take charge of the b-file.

14. e5 - At this point I couldn't find a comfortable home for my Knight. I thought of taking the path f6-e8-d6, but I couldn't analyze in depth the possibility 14. ...Ne8 15. Bh6 Ng7. So I gave up that attempt. What I did play was obviously worse.

15. f3 - I think this was a mistake. My opponent allows my Knight to expose his King before bidding the world farewell.

18. Bh6 - This insatiable hunger for material marked the beginning of my opponent's end.

All constructive advice that could help me get closer to either/both of these goals is always welcome (please note: I can digest only descriptive advice).

Many thanks,