Sudden Attack

Apr 2, 2012, 3:06 AM |

It's happening again -- I'm playing as if I've been introduced to the game just an hour ago!

All was well last week. Of course I had a few losses, but they were quite instructive, and at least I was giving it my best. Even yesterday I was doing okay, when I played three games quite well, and learned how I could have done much better in two more.

But today it looks like I'm playing chess for the first ever time in my life! In fact, I don't think anybody at my level could play such poor games even if they were paid to do so!

I know I will bounce back in a couple of days, but that's totally besides the point. I don't understand why this happens every once in a few days. All factors being equal, why do I suddenly feel like I'm carrying a rotten cabbage in my head every once in a while? Has it something to do with the lunar phase?

Please help if you know the answer.

Many thanks.