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Quickest draw ever vs computer4-IMPOSSIBLE

Quickest draw ever vs computer4-IMPOSSIBLE

Jan 1, 2016, 1:07 PM 9

After an embarrasing amount of games against Compter4-IMPOSSIBLE I finally got a half point. Well, it was theory from start to end, so nothing special. However, I had to remember an amazing line I learned 10 years ago in the Austrian attack (Pirc), which you may enjoy if you don't already know it. Time controls was 3|2.

It gained me 8 rating points. And I had nothing to loose. I guess this is the quickest draw ever against Computer4-IMPOSSIBLE. Have you seen a quicker draw?

Edit: I later played an identical game against computer4-Impossible.


Actually, this game got me thinking if there is a bug in the chess.com software. I claimed a draw after 15...Bf2+ and I expected the game to end instantly, but the draw was first given after I moved 16.Kd2. At 15....Bf2+ the position on the board has been repeated 3 times with the same colour to move. However, I think that the software wrongly thinks that at 11...Bf2+ the position is not equal to that of 13...Bf2+ and 15...Bf2+, because white had the right to castle prior to the first check. What do you think?

Edit. There is no bug. See the comments for an explanation.

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