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My simul game against GM Peter Heine Nielsen

My simul game against GM Peter Heine Nielsen

Nov 24, 2014, 11:42 AM 2

Back in 2003 when I was a chess newbie, GM Peter Heine Nielsen Fide 2600+, the (at that time) best nordic player visited the local chess club to give a lecture and play a simul against 21 players. Peter has been the second of Anand for many years, and is now the second of Magnus Carlsen.

As a newbie I was estimated to be worth 1300 rating points, but had lost 25 in my first tournament just before this simul, making my rating at 1275, so quite a bit rating difference.

The game goes like this

... And I was very proud. I gave it some thoughts before making the repetition of moves at the end. I knew off couse that I was much better. But, with my poor rating, and the field of Peters' opponents narrowing down, I was happy to take the draw instead of playing on. Thereby, I had secured countless of anecdotes based on this event ever since!

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