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Tricky homemade tactics problem

Tricky homemade tactics problem

Jan 19, 2016, 6:11 AM 2
How can you force a draw with the white pieces in the diagram below? The solution is totally legit, but you'll have to think a little out of the box. Hints are given below the diagram.
Hints in white text color below (select the text with the cursor).
Hint #1 --> it's of importance that the site is chess.com. The solution wouldn't be possible under the Fide rules.
Hint #2 --> You'll have to exploit chess.com's rule regarding draw by insufficient material.

Now if you solved the problem, or just gave up and saw the answer, and still don't know why this is a forced draw, I'll give you the answer below in white text:
--> After 1...Nxc6 you simply let your time run out, whereby chess.com declares a draw by insufficient material. This is much better than playing your only legal move 2.a7 which will be met by 2...Nb6#

And that's it Laughing

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