Tactics 2: Targeting the Weak Square

Sep 12, 2016, 2:54 PM |
One of black's squares is a weak square. Can you find out what it is?
Directions: Move the pawn in the weak square 1 square forward.
One of the ways to target this weak square in a chess opening is to let out your queen and bishop early. Which pawn do you think you should move to free the kingside bishop and the queen?
Directions: Move the pawn that you think will free the queen and the bishop 2 spaces forward.
After you have freed the bishop and the queen, you can do a powerful set of moves for a four move checkmate.
There is also a way to target the weak square for an easy checkmate.
Can you find it?
Directions: Mate in 4, the first move involves your bishop, the checkmate involves knights and a bishop
Black may have the queen, but White has done checkmate!
Pay attention to that weak square when you play!